Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A FOOL in love.

Happy April Fools day, everyone!
This day is super-special in our house. Many of you will know this story already, but it's so nice for me to re-live, that I'm going to post it anyway.

Many years ago there were two friends. They liked to climb together, and went to the same climbing gym. The boy thought the girl was cute and silly, but she was fresh out of a relationship, and kinda young. The girl thought the boy was buff (*blush*) and intelligent, but she was fresh out of a relationship, and he was kinda old(er). So they stayed friends, and safely held each other up high while climbing, learning to trust each other and admire the buff muscles of the boy (*blush*).
April Fool's day came around and the girl wanted to play a trick on her dad. Growing up, he was the undisputed King of pranks. She wanted something major.
The girl asked the boy if he would like to go down to meet her dad (first time ever), and announce that they had gotten married and were soon moving to Hong Kong. The boy said "yes" (!!!!!). The boy took the girl to a mall and bought her a wedding band (his idea). They went down to the bar where the girl's dad was with his girlfriend. They made their announcement. The rings and the boy's ridiculous knack for acting (ahem, lying) sold it and the girl's dad believed them. I won't go into too much detail here, but I think some teary-eyes were involved- rounds of drinks were bought (all of the girl's dad's friends were there and offered congratulations)- and "welcome to the family" was said. Remember, the girl's dad had never before met the boy. He showed so. much. class. that day. The boy and the girl didn't fess up until the next day (the news was unintionally spread to the girl's sister, who threatened to disown the girl). It was epic. And rather romantic. See, to really sell the story, the boy and the girl had to pretend to be in love. They held hands. They had their first kiss. It was so warm, and comfortable, and real-feeling. And they knew they were no longer "just friends."

And the rest is history.
Can we have a collective "awwwww"?

Studmuffin, I love you. You really are my superman, and I am so lucky to have this life with you. Thank you.


  1. That is one of my all time favorite stories. Happy "Anniversary!"