Saturday, August 7, 2010

Peace and Quiet. A typical morning...

7:00 Am:
I hear the door open. Oh no. Covers come quickly up over my head.... just don't move.....
Kenzie: "Mommy? Mommy? Mommmmmmmyyyyyyy? MOM!?"
Me: "Mmphfph."
K: "Come play with me! Come downstairs! Come play! Do you want an animal? Here's an animal for you!"
Me: "Mmmmphg. Early! I'll meet you down there..."
K: "No, mommy, you have to come now. I'm a little afraid. You need to be with me. Here's an animal for you!"
Me: "Go on ahead. There's nothing to be afraid of...I'll be down in a few minutes. Let me wake up and go pee."
K: "Ok, mommy. I'll wait right here. Mommy? Mommy, get out of bed. Mommmmmyyy. Here's your animal!"
Me: "I'm up! Can I just have a minute to go pee?"
K: "Sure! I'll come with you!"

9:00 Am:
Me: "C'mon, Kenz, it's time to go."
K: "Ok, mom. Just wait one second. I need to get an animal."
Me: "Please hurry, hun, we'll be late."
K: "OK mom, just WAIT! I need another animal. I'll be right back....."
Me: "Kenzi, we're going to be late, and you won't get to play with your friends. It's your choice....."
K: "I'm COMING mommy. Mommy? Mommy, I'm hiding. Come fiiiiiiiind me."

12:00 Pm
Me: "Kenz, I just need to run in this store for a few minutes. It won't take me long at all, but you need to stay with me. Please?"
K: "Ok, mommy! Can I have a treat?"
Me: "We'll talk about it, after you've been a good girl in the store...."

Me: "Kenzi? Where are you? I told you to stay where I can see you..."
K*yelled from undetermined location*: "I'm Hiding! Come fiiiiiiiind me!"
Me: "Kenzi, please get back here, and stay where I can see you."
K: "I can't! You have to fiiiiiiind me. "
*after kid is found, we have a little chat. We discuss proper behavior in a store. Again. We agree to be a good girl, to stay with mommy, and to give mommy FIVE minutes to pick out a bra. Just one bra. Please?*
K: "Mommy? What's this? .....Why?......What's that?......why?.......Mommy, I need to pee.....Mommy.....come fiiiiiiiiiiiind me!!!"
Me: "Ok, I give up, let's just go home."
K: "But, can I have a treat?"
Me: "............"

Me: Kenzi, I'd really like to listen to this news story. Can you be quiet for a minute?
K: "No, I want to listen to my princess music."
Me: "We just listened to the whole cd. It's my turn now. Can you be quiet for a little bit so I can listen?"
K: "Ok. Sure."
K: "Mommy? I'm sorry. I just can't be quiet. I tried and tried, but I just can't do it. Sorry."

Me: "MacKenzie..... I know."


  1. 5..4..3.. never my exuberant niece:) and my "wishing she was suddenly deaf" sister :)

  2. I am so glad you are back!!! I could just hear both of your voices as I was reading and laughing. :) Gotta love your munchkin.