Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I went to Art School!!??!

I realize so far I've been quite biased with the topics I've chosen to blog about. They may have included a minor mishap or two, but all in all, they've been subjects I've been proud to share. It's nice to show off, but only showing my triumphs doesn't live up to my name of Mrs. DoMESStic, nor is it an accurate representation of my daily life.
But the following is...

Kenz and I spend a lot of time together, as many of you know. I'm a SAHM, she's an only child, I am truly her best friend. But it means a lot of two-year old style playing. And sometimes, truthfully, it bores me. So everyday we at least do something artsy, art being what I actually enjoy doing. It's mostly little coloring projects, but the other day I wanted to try something a little different.
I remembered doing paper mache in art class over a balloon. I didn't have any balloons in the house, so I chose two small containers (a small cake pan and an empty feta container). My planned project was to make little baskets which, once dry, we'd decorate for Easter and put eggs in and I'd be super-mommy and life would rock. So I mixed equal parts flour and water (a good way to get rid of all that white flour I had gotten for an ancient baking venture), cut up some newspaper into strips, and into the yard we went.

Kenzi loved it. Well, she loved playing with the goo anyway. Which was fine. She'd coat herself, hold her hands up, and say "Montsa! I monsta! Grrroowww" A very scary monster indeed. So I paper mache'd (sp?) while she pretended and it was a pleasant afternoon.

I set our/my finished 'baskets' on the front porch to dry, we took baths, and waited until the next day to complete phase two: decoration.
You remember the mention of using a balloon in class before? Well, turns out, that was because you could pop it, and then remove it, leaving only the hardened form behind. It also turns out, that it's rather hard to pop a metal cake pan. Same goes for the feta container.

Who'da thunk it? (Please refrain from answering this.) The feta-mold came off in chunks, while the cake pan had to be soaked overnight.
(At least it could be composted?...)

Sigh. I guess I should just stick to drawing circles with crayons for awhile....


  1. It's all in the experience, my friend! Kenzi had a great time, you were super mom for an afternoon, and you can buy some balloons and start over. THAT was not an example of a failure. Try harder. ;) I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! Kenzi is too, too cute, btw.

  2. Niles,, Remember the time we did the paper mache pinata for a school project.. you must have been in the 5th or 6th grade.. We made it so hard the kids couldn't crack it.. oh well.