Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New toys and boo boos.

All the kids around here have Ripsticks. For those of you not in-the-know, a Ripstick is a skate-board, that flexes in the middle, with only two wheels. It's a lot of fun, an excellent workout, and tricky as heck. Hubby had to have one.
Said Ripstick arrived in the mail a few weeks ago (2? I dunno..) He uses it to walk the dog. To get the mail. To race with the girl (age 6) across the street. He loves his new toy. He had a friend over the other day to try new tricks. I was pretty impressed:

(Btw, the pants he is wearing are called Thai pants- styled after Thai fishermen's. We own many pairs, and they are one-size-fit-all. Highly recommend. Although I had a neighbor ask if we were from Africa the other day. "Um, no, the East Coast. Why?" "Oh, I just wondered because of those pants you guys always wear.." Ha. )

Here's his friend trying. He totally has shoulders. Girls, enlarge the pic.

Kenzi got in on the action, too:

And, then, last night, the inevitable happened. A wipe-out. I'm kinda bummed I wasn't there to see it happen (does that make me a bad person?) but he came home looking like this:

It actually looks worse in person. Without going into too much gory detail, I'll just say there were rocks and tweezers- I love playing nurse :) Enjoy your next meal, everyone!

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  1. Yeah, and it FEELS even WORSE! OW! I think I need stitches