Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Easter. Ok, I know it's not Easter anymore, but when I started writing this, it was. Really! I just got kinda busy. Or lazy? Both, I suppose.
I loved Easter growing up. My mama always did a great job with our baskets- unique gifts and special treats instead of three pounds of chocolate and assorted marshmallow animals. Although we got some candy, too. And, as we were allowed candy at Halloween, Christmas, and Easter only, trust me, this was a big deal. I hope that MacKenzie gets a kick out of this special day throughout her childhood, as well. I think we're on our way to ensuring this.
This was the first year she really understood that something different was going on. We had a week of Spring time events leading up to Sunday, and she had a lot of practice hunting for eggs before the big day. At a playdate, she dyed eggs for the first time. She really got into it, although she thought she was making soup.

She also thought she could eat un-peeled hard boiled eggs just like peeled ones. Bit right into one. Uck!
I'm also very proud to say that she didn't know what the heck was inside her plastic eggs once found. They were filled with little candies, but she hasn't (hadn't) experienced small candy before (yes, we're Nazis at this house), so to her, it was just shiny stuff that rattled inside the eggs. Fun! Notice I said she hadn't known about candy...

For her real-deal Easter Morning egg hunt, I did fill one egg with a Hershey's kiss. The rest were filled with fruit chews, goldfish crackers, and hair do-dads. She opened the one with the kiss, got really excited (I think because we were "oooohhhh"ing so much) and said, "oooh, wow! It's, um, it's's a Brown!!!" (It was a caramel kiss- brown wrapper.) Priceless. She figured out the wrapper pretty quickly though, so now she knows all about the shiny things inside eggs. Sigh, it was good while it lasted. But that one kiss, plus an Easter ice cream, turned our little Princess into a crazy crazy monster! It's amazing how much sugar affects little bodies- she really looked like she was on drugs.
The saturday before Easter there was a little festival at a beach park down the street from us. Where we live, we can walk (about 15 mins) to a small, decent beach, or we can take a ten minute bike ride to a really nice beach park. This park was having an event, and we rode our bikes over for the day. I love where we live on the Island, cuz it's a lot more "local." This side feels different from the Mainland, which is how I think Hawaii should be. For instance, at the festival, we were perhaps one of three white families there. Out of hundreds of people. That ratio seems a bit more appropriate to me. And one thing about holidays on island- they go ALL OUT!! A huge stage set up, with music all day, thousands of eggs in the Easter egg hunt, lots of rides and bouncey houses, and fireworks! Because no Easter celebration is complete without fireworks, right? Ha, it was so much fun. We actually watched the fireworks from our backyard (it was getting pretty dark to be biking home.) Oh, it's a good life.

So part of the reason for the delay in my blogging has been my increased sewing. I've been doing a lot of projects, which I will share in another posting (I can already sense the eyes glazing over now- best to do it in small doses..) but one current-theme-appropriate project I completed was a bunny-ear headband for MacKenzie. I was cutting fabric for another project and had these scraps left over in the exact shape of a bunny ear. How could I resist? I whipped these up using some other leftover fabric from my neice's baby quilt, and the ears were born. I loved them. MacKenzie did not. In fact, she kinda refused to wear them. It cooooould have had something to do with the fact that they were slightly too small, or that the ears kept (constantly) dangling in her face, but I'm leaning more towards that she just wanted to be spiteful. don't know her like I do....

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  1. Oh, Bethany, how we miss you! "It's a brown!" That has to be the cutest little kidism I've ever heard. Max calls them triangles. They are also the only candy he had on Easter. He loves Annie's fruit snacks, so he was in heaven with both! Her Easter dress is adorable, by the way. Maybe if you could make the ears a little bigger she'd wear them? The picture of her pulling on them is my favorite! Talk soon!