Monday, April 6, 2009

I should be cleaning.

I stayed home from a planned park playdate today to clean my house. This is pretty major for me- if I actually make plans to clean, you know that means the place is filthy. I'd take pictures, but I'm too embarrassed. Thing is, keeping Kenzi home all day is NOT conducive to a clean house. Because it means she needs to play, inside, with all her toys, in every room, at the same time. So as I clean my kitchen, she is busy destroying the laundry room, which I then tackle next, as she goes upstairs and tucks all her dolls into our bed, leaving a trail of their clothes in the hallway. Sigh. She is taking a nap now, which means uninterrupted work-time for me, and what am I doing? Eating frozen lasagna and typing to you lovely people.
So it goes.
Happy Monday to all. Hope everyone is well-rested, and had a wonderful weekend. Ours was mixed. Here are several things we did not do over the weekend:
  • Go surfing. DH finally gets cleared for going in the water again, and the waves are flat!!! Oh, the irony. And my poor hubby.
  • Clean the house. Pretty much all weekend, nothing. Eh.
  • Go pee-pee in our panties. That's right, everyone, not only did hubby and I stay dry (I know, sniffle, we're all growed-up) but the little one had a dry pull-up even overnight! She even came to get us from the back kids-room at a birthday party! Where Happy Feet was playing, no less. She still has accidents, but she totally gets it now.
  • say "no" to that second Lemon Drop Martini at afore mentioned party. MMM. I had no idea.
And here's what we did do over the weekend:
  • Spend $100 on macaroni and cheese. Ok, not exactly, but we went to Target to get ingredients for mac and cheese to bring to the b-day party, and left a hundred dollars poorer. I can't even recall what we got now that was so expensive- I have a hunch it was something we didn't need, though...
  • Sing until we were hoarse. Karaoke!! Ooh, it was fun fun fun. Kenzi even enjoyed it, singing her ABC's and Happy Birthday. I think a video was taken, I just need to get it sent to me to post.
  • Clean up after some jerk-faces. We had a wonderful picnic Sunday evening, at a local beach, watching the sun set (and storm clouds roll in). Another family was near us, and as they left, we noticed a mound of trash they had left behind. We're talking dirty diapers, empty beer cans, the works. It was so disheartening. Hubby came up with a good bumper sticker, though: "Life's a beach- just keep your trash off mine." I'd put it on my car.
I don't really have any pertinent images to post right now- my camera is in Hubby's car. I think I can edit this and add them in later, though. So check back. Until then, here's MacKenzie blowing bubbles. Literally.

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