Friday, October 2, 2009

New Addition.

No, not the band, you hopeless 80s geeks, it's a......


I'm interrupting your previously scheduled programing for a brief introduction to our new bundle of fur.
Meet Luka Bella Nelson:

We now have two dogs- and soon-to-be two very large dogs. Craziness has always been a fun hobby of ours.
Ripley, our lab/shar-pei, had some doggy friends come stay with him a little while ago. While they were perhaps the WORST dogs ever...

...Ripley enjoyed the heck out of their company. He was a different doggy, and was so sad when they left him... Because we tend to spoil those little ones we love, we decided to adopt a friend for him. We've been looking around- we wanted a small dog (one I could hold) around a year old, already potty trained. We went to the shelter one day and on our way back from meeting one (small, 1 y/o) dog...... we passed the puppy pen. We were just going to peek inside "for MacKenzie." The next day, said puppy came home with us.

We named her Luka, and she is a lab/siberian husky mix. She is three months old, will be around 70 lbs, and is NOT potty-trained. The best laid plans, and all that.
But, we adore her.

(Niles didn't want her to be a couch dog. That lasted...)

The puppy loves Kenz. Kenz loves the puppy. Kenz doesn't so much love the puppy trying to eat her, but we're working on that.

Ripley enjoys his new friend very much. Luka has much more stamina for play than Ripley, however, and she just keeps going and going. He's going to be a very fit dog soon.

So, that's our big news. She'll be twice this size in a matter of weeks...we'll keep you posted.

Ps- And, for those of you who just read this whole thing to end in disappointment that, yes, this was a full post about a ya go: