Thursday, September 6, 2012

Give it a whirl...

Mama got a new skirt!  
I actually made this awhile ago, but it's been too darn cold to wear it, and therefore, take pictures to share.  Labor day we walked to the aquarium and it was pushing 70 during the day- balmy, by Monterey standards! So I took the skirt out for a whirl...

Nothing fancy, but I do like the contrast in fabrics, and the overall wearability.  Nothing beats a wrap skirt for comfort.  This one is based on the circle skirt tutorial I used for MacKenzie's Christmas bunny skirt (seen here).  I got the swishy grey duponi-like fabric (I think it's rayon) on sale, and then sat staring at it for a long time, terrified to hem the silky stuff on a curve.  So, I finished it all in bias tape.  Genius! It was so easy (even making the tape went smoothly) and the skirt came together in an afternoon.  I love the small print on the tape, it gives just enough pizazz to the skirt to make it really different.  

The best thing about a circle skirt is the twirlability of it.  Even though now I'm 20 (something) years old, whirling about in a swishy light skirt is still endlessly entertaining.  Thanks to the Mr. for my mini- photoshoot :)

So, I really enjoyed my skirt.  It got compliments (always nice) and I felt girly and cute throughout the day.  That's a good thing for a mom. 
However, I should add a disclaimer.  This light and breezy skirt in the wind?  

Mr. told me at one point in our walk to weigh down the back with my bag, as he could tell me what color panties I was wearing.  Yipes!
I suppose I'll need to check the wind forecast before taking it out for another *spin*. 

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  1. Bethany,
    Your Mother-in-Law in Miami forwarded me your blog. I have two year old twin red heads that look like your daughter. I am also a psuedo vegetarian. Would love to email with you. You seem to have motherhood down to a science...I am pulling my hair out!
    Melanie Barfield