Friday, April 24, 2009

getting all techie

::So blogger lets you post videos. I (obviously) haven't tried it yet- so please let me know if these work! I don't want to keep dud videos on here wasting space.::

As many of you may know, my uber-talented hubby is not only a renowned polyglot (go ahead, look it up), an excellent daddy, and a super-duper cutie, but he can also sing his little heart out. He's not too bad on the gee-tar, either. We are SOO hoping that this musical ability has been passed on to the little bit, but the thing is, I'm around her much more. And I sing pretty much constantly. And it sounds like a bunch of hyenas with bowel issues. I have a song for everything, all made up and nonsensical, because I can't remember the words to real songs. In fact, hubby has actually requested that I don't sing so much (read: at all) around her, in case I may be contagious. Pa-shaw. I can't help it, I wouldn't stop anyway because it makes me happy, and besides, she doesn't seem to be toooo affected yet. 'Cuz she, too, can sing her little heart out! I think the first song she really learned was her ABC's- missing quite a few of the letters, of course. And from there her repertoire just exploded. Einsy weinsy spider, Baby Beluga, I love you, Wheels on the bus, Old MacDonald...and if she hears a song in the car that has a repeating chorus, she'll pick up on it and sing it by the third time around. (For those 'hipsters' out there, if you were to sing "Daddy tried to make me go to rehab, " she'd say, "no, no, no!" ) It really seems to be her thing. Here she is remixing the Elmo song- this was about a month ago, so she's definitely shown improvement since, but still pretty impressive, I think:

Here is an older version of her abc's and wheels on the bus. Be sure to watch it to the end, it's hilarious (but I guess I'm biased). And I apologize for the shoddy camera work...

And a more current version, complete with guitar accompaniment. She's usually much less like a stoned zombie, I promise...

So, like I said, if she has talent (we can't really tell yet, as the screechy-baby voice is kinda hard to get past) she'd have come by it naturally from her daddy...

::: Ok, so there used to be a video here of hubby singing and playing a song.
I warned you guys it wouldn't be here long. Well, he made me take it off.
Grrrrrrrr. He said he'd 'let me' put up another one sometime
but I'm not going to hold my breath. Can you tell I'm a bit peeved?
This is all I will say on the matter.:::

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  1. Her little voice is hilarious, I love it. Especially the "wouw, wouw, wouw wouw.." hahaha. Sorry I missed Big Daddy's song. ;)