Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's amazing the things you can find on the internet if you're avoiding actual work. Not that blogging is work, really. It just requires me to use a bit of my brains, and as I've been proactively turning my brains to mush, it takes a bit of effort to come out of my haze to type coherent sentences. But back to my internet procrastination... Like, for instance, did you know you could take a quiz to find out if you're the Messiah? Find that here: Or, did you know that you could play with a virtual tarantula (but unfortunately, never succeed in killing it...)? And, you know what else? You can buy fabric online! Oh, dear, I just never knew.... The internet truly is a marvelous place. I should really be cut off...
A brief explanation: DH is on the nightshift. Sort of. There's a new teacher on board where he works, and he's "training" her- which means his 7am-5pm day has turned into a 2pm-1am-ish day, leaving miss MacKenzie all to myself. For a veerrry long stretch of the day. Without someone to keep her from the kitchen while I cook dinner (so I've stopped cooking 'dinner') or someone to give her baths at night (so I've 'learned' how to clean my own child) or someone to watch her while I go upstairs and scream into a pillow (so I tie her to the kitchen table)... ok, not really on that last one. Sigh, this schedule does make for a long day for me, though, and at the end of it, I just feel like shutting off. Either watching tv (mindless HGTV), plopping down in front of the sewing machine to do (again, mindless) quilt piecing, or wasting time playing with virtual (mindless..see the pattern?) tarantulas.
And then, there's Edward. I needed someone to cuddle up and fall asleep next to, now that my beloved hubby has left me each and every night. Everyone's been recommending Edward to me, but I just didn't listen until recently, and now- well, guys, you can't have him back. He's mine and I'm lonely and I deserve him. (For those of you totally confused right now, I'm referring to Edward the erm, vampire, of the Twilight Series fame. It's kinda lame writing. It's a kinda lame premise. It's juvenile literature- literally. But you won't be able to put it down and yes, I'm a little ashamed to be so hooked, but there you have it...)
So, as you can see, between (my) Edward, HGTV, tarantulas, and sewing, I've just been swamped. ;)
I have been productive in my mindlessness, at least. A few ladies in the mommy-group are expecting their second child(ren) soon, and there was a triple baby shower thrown in their honor. I made a set of burp clothes/nursing covers for each of them:
A green set for the one boy, and pink for one girl, purple for the other.

I added taggies cuz well, they're cool.

The cream fabric is an ultrasoft, undyed organic cotton- that side down is for nursing, facing up is for burping.

Here I am 'nursing' Pookie bear. Hey, he was handy.

I did place an order for fabric online- after hours of 'window shopping'. Here's what I got:The owl fabric on the far right is for curtains for Kenzi's room, the lemon is destined for kitchen curtains, the japanese leaf fabric will become some clothing and bags, I believe, the navy net fabric will be a border for a log-cabin pattern quilt top, and the fabric on the far left I've used to recover two of my dining room chairs:

I've also made a monk bag using some leftover fabric from Hubby's 30th b-day quilt:...And a book sling- it's like a book shelf, hung on rods. This one is for my sewing room, which has a nautical "theme."
Lastly, I'm working on two quilts- both are surprises, though, so I won't add pics. I will say that one needs to be done, like, nowish, and the other, while I have a bit of time to finish it, is NOT the type of project for my currently mushy brain, as it's the hardest quilt I've attempted yet. Wish me luck!

Ok, so it wasn't the plan to bogart this post with my sewing stuff, but now that I have, I'm thinking adding any more content would be overkill. So, stay tuned for:
What hubby, munchkin, and I do in the mornings since he's now home...
Our new babies: tomatoes, peppers, beans, carrots...
Our musical family. (Excluding myself, of course. I'm on crew. And occasionally cowbell.)...


  1. Awesome entry, Bethany! All that new fabric is beautiful. And you're not the only one who gives up cooking when hubby is gone - I had cereal last night...again.

  2. HAHAHA! YES! I knew you'd be hooked. You can have Edward, although I give him to you hesitantly. Those fabrics are beautiful! And, since I'm preggers, could you spare a few amazingly beautiful nursing cover/burp cloths? ;) You're so talented! Miss you SO MUCH!

  3. you know once I know the gender there's no stopping me. I'm so excited!!!

  4. Your work is great, so professional looking. The nursing covers are awesome. Maybe I'll be so lucky as to get one in say...about 7 months??? :)