Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello all you mommies out there- happy You day! Today is definitely a "me" day, and it has been delightful. I slept in until 11:30- yup, no typo- 11:30!!! The plan was to have a beach day but it was a bit murky out this morning, and I was feeling lazy. I really have benefited from the sleep, too, I feel like a whole new person. During my rest, my main man took DD out to pick up mimosa supplies, so I had booze with my coffee and breakfast sandwiches- lol, it was just very nice. And right now, I'm sitting here, wearing my mommy crown (thanks mom!) listening to The Decemberists- my ALL TIME fave music (that DH downloaded onto HIS ipod so I could listen to it- remember, my computer is no longer with us.) I'm lovin' life. To all you hubbys out there- this is What To Do for her on special days. A nice drink, a nice breakfast, and a free slot of time to do whatever and listen to her favorite music. Siiiiiggghhhhh.
So this post is really not about me, however, but my own mama. My mother is a remarkable woman- warm and funny, and super creative with little things that bring a smile to your face. She's been an excellent role model for me in my own parenting- everytime I cast societies' disapproval aside to dance and sing like a crazy person in the middle of the Target checkout, I know I am channeling my Mom. That's who she is. A crazy person who could give a darn- if it makes her kids happy. Thanks for my childhood, mom. I was/am very lucky.
This is a show-and-tell for her benefit. I've been working on a quilted wall-hanging for her for Mother's day for awhile now, and it's been almost done for awhile now, as well. Except somehow, probably in our move, I've lost the walking foot to my machine, so I haven't been able to quilt it. I had ordered a new one weeks ago, which still hasn't arrived. Boo. So, here it is mom- mostly done, just waiting for the silly part to come:
I've been really excited about this. I designed it myself- which is nothing special as it's just squares- but it's a crossword puzzle (my mom loves puzzles) to which there are real answers- all "mother" related. I'll send the clues along with the quilt. The purple/dark square fabric is all my grandmother's fabric- my mom's mom, and the light fabric is all mine. And the word "mother" is hand-sewn. That's right kids- like, with a needle and thread! I'm proud of this quilt, and of the collection of special components to it, and I hope she'll love it. 'Cuz I love her. Sniffle.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Your tribute to your mom was beautiful and that quilt is a treasure. I'm sure she will LOVE it! Nice work, mama.

  2. that sounds like me. i think i embarrass jason (and probably myself ;) when i break out and dance in public...especially target of all places.

    sweet post. i love your bloggity blog.

  3. Picked up your blog link from this quilt! What an awesome idea, and it's beautiful!!