Monday, April 27, 2009

A day in our life.

Let me begin by asking everyone to take a moment of silence, and to send warm, healing thoughts to Percy. Percy (whom I have just now named) was burning up with a fever, and I feel he just gave up on this life. But we, I hope, caught this disease in time, as he is now lying in the hospital, where he will remain for two weeks getting treatment and transplants. Percy has been with me for a long time, and he is my very good friend, and without him, this blog wouldn't be possible. Yes, folks, Percy is my dear, dear Macbook Pro. His fan died, and he's been very sick, and I had no choice but to give him over to those who could take care of him better than myself. Did I mention he'd be away for two weeks?! Sigh.
So, I had some posts planned, but all my pics are held captive in the Mac store currently. I have a few current ones still stored on my camera though, so I thought I'd use them to give a pictorial of what an average day in the DoMESStic household is like (lately). Enjoy.

::Administrators note: please do not look too closely at the pictures. I edit almost every picture I ever post. These haven't been touched. They look like dookie, and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. Thank you for your understanding. ::

7am: Kenzi wakes up. She says/screams, "Mommy! Mommy! Moooooommmmmmyyyy!" Oh god. DH and I rock, paper, scissors it to see who'll be getting up. We take so long fighting over it that she falls back asleep. Phew- close one.
8:30am: Kenzi wakes up. Again. She says, "Mommmmmmyyyyy!" (I've really got to get her trained to ask/scream for her daddy). Hubby usually gets up- he keeps expecting me to, but ha. (He's got a lot to learn). I roll over to fall back asleep. I hear little footsteps. "Mommy, what doing?" "Sleeping." "Oh, I sleeping too!" "Great." "Mommy, what doing?" "...Sleeping." "Oh. .... But mommy- what doing?" Sigh. Now I'm awake. We all go downstairs.
8:30-around 10- Breakfast stuff. Hubby plops my coffee in front of me. It's like instinct. Nothing gets done in our house until Mommy gets her cup of coffee. Which is funny, 'cuz after I get it, I wait about an hour for it to 'cool off' before I drink it. Guess it's just psychological. Kenz feeds Ripley, the dog. There is a 50/50 chance she will dump the cup of food on the carpet. On purpose. If this happens, it will be a bad day. If mommy is making breakfast, it means some combination of waffles, pancakes, omelet, yogurt, and fruit. If daddy is making breakfast it means sharing a bowl of cereal. Daddy made breakfast this morning. The cereal had pumpkin seeds in it. I told Kenz she would grow pumpkins out of her belly. She grasped her belly in shock...
and began to scream....
I chuckled and grabbed my camera. World's Worst Mother {takes a bow}. You know, my dad tormented me relentlessly growing up, so A.) it's only fair that I get to dole it out some myself, and B.) it made me a much more cautious, empirical (right word?) person, and that's never a bad thing, eh? Haha, she hates the "I got your nose " game, too. No, really, you've got to try it!
10-1- We try to tire her out. This often involves a playdate- these days are lifesavers- or a trip to the beach with daddy, also a good time.
(This would be a good time to get some surfing in. But daddy took mommy's surf board out to play, and forgot to strap it on the roof as he drove to come home. Can you believe it made it alll the way across a four lane highway without hitting another car? Crazy. I'd post a picture of the damage on here, but that would involve me getting off my chair, finding my camera, walking to the garage, and taking the board down off the wall, and then making the return trip. Use your imagination on the damage.)

1-4- Hubby leaves for work. I then plead, coerce, threaten, cry, pray, bribe, etc etc etc MacKenzie to take a nap. Didn't I mention somewhere on here that we (the parents) always lose? Sometimes she will lay in bed for two hours singing songs and talking to herself, not crying, but definitely not sleeping. Soooometimes she'll sing herself to sleep and sleep an additional hour or so. Lately, that's just not been happening. This means I spend an afternoon/evening alone with a cranky, overtired little girl. Sometimes we'll go for a ride during this time. I'll often remember I need *insert random item as excuse to go to target here* so we go to Target. But when we pull into the parking lot, I find this: Great.

4-6:30- We come up with things to do. A new fave is making Cheerio jewelry. I have to say, this was a stroke of genius on my part. This gets us, like, a whole half hour of activity time!
We also put our peepee in the potty. This usually works better if little bit has some privacy. But if it gets quiet for more than three minutes or so, this is what you'll find:"I wipe my booty!!" uh...Yay..??

6:30-8- We eat dinner. Dinner could be something super fancy like a fake turkey sandwhich- ...or boxed pasta and corn on the cob. Seriously- I get so down sitting down to a nice dinner that I've made when it's just me and the little one.
me:"Kenzi, how's the citrus infused fish?"
me:"Oh. Well, I think the coconut rice turned out really well tonight. Thoughts?"
me: "I see. Do you have any suggestions for next time?"
her: "Make boxed pasta and throw in some string cheese."
Sometimes in this time slot we watch a movie. We like the Blue Planet/Planet Earth dvds, or March of the Penguins. By "we" I mean "me." Kenz likes Elmo Goes to Grouchland. Didn't take me long to decide that we'd never be watching that one ever again. Ugh. I swear, Elmo is brainwashing America's children. Why?! He's a furry little red dude that has an obnoxious laugh. What's The Big Deal? Sorry for the tangent...
Anyway, March of the Penguins is at least educational. See, it teaches young children how babies are born:

8-8:30- We take a bath. (Kenz gently reminds me to wash her "arm-pitty-bits"..and her "toe-sy bits". Uh, and her "ear-sy bits". And her..."hair." Sometimes she forgets to remind me to rinse her hair, though...) We read stories. We 'wrestle' our way into's so much fun. Really. We feed her fish- whom she named- OgeeOgee. (Not, BTW, Ogee for short. It's gotta be OgeeOgee.) I put her in bed.
She makes sure she has her wubby, her pookie bear, her pookie bear's wubby, her mao-mao, her mao-mao's wubby, her monkey bear, her dukey dog, her medium-sized bear, and her blanket. And her another blanket. And her another another blanket. Uh, oh, now she's gotta pee. Ok, now kisses. And noseys. And cheeksies... But she needs milk! And it's too dark. Is the fan on? Both fans? .....GO TO SLEEP MACKENZIE!!!
8:30-10:30- She sings. I try to tune her out and pay attention to Edward.


  1. Thanks for this post! You are not alone, and it's nice to know I'm not either!