Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where Daddy go?

So as I was taking a break from typing away on my computer being really productive and cleaning my window screens during Kenz's naptime, I realized I hadn't heard from DH in awhile. I called out for him, looking around, not finding him. This was odd as he's 'suffering' from a cold and not really in an active state. I retraced my search route, finding a strange lump on the couch:

Silly boy. The snoring was apparently muffled by the quilt (which, since you asked, is my very first quilt ever made!!). And a sneak peak underneath:

Please note, the super hip shades are worn because of his recent eye surgery, and not because he's a mega-fan of Corey Hart. Aww, he's still sexy (my hubby, not Corey Hart. I don't know what Corey Hart looks like).
Random useless fact:
The song Sunglasses at Night was originally written about a "totalitarian society that made everyone wear their sunglasses at night". Deep.


  1. LOL!!! And The quilt is gorgeous! You seriously have a knack for fabric selection.

  2. Thanks! I had some help with the fabric selection on this one- it's pieced from my Grandmother's fabric stash that I inherited. This one is almost all her fabric, but I try to put at least a little piece in every quilt I make.

  3. Haha! My husband also "suffers" from colds. ;) AND, if you are ever cleaning your window screens or some other such craziness, please feel free not to post that info. The Spring cleaning to do list is long enough at my house!!!