Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everyone else is doing it...

Haha, well. Here's my blog. Why should you read it? Your guess is as good as mine ;) If you're family, you'll likely be checking every-so-often for new pictures of MacKenzie, and hoping that I update here more frequently than my flickr page. Hopefully, you'll find some satisfaction. I'm new to this, though, so no guarantees. If you're a friend, you'll probably be checking up on me- to make sure that the last conversation we had (in which I mentioned that river I'd soon be visiting with my daughter) did not indeed become reality. I love my lil pumkin- she is just sometimes sixteen and a half handfuls. And I'm sure some of her finer moments will find their way to this page. And if you don't know me- stay tuned. My daily life is constantly changing/improving(?)/improvising and some of it is pretty humorous.
A little bit of history. In terms of being domestic, this is a very new frontier. I hate to admit it, but I was a spoiled child, and didn't do much for myself. I remember leaving for college, not really knowing how to do my own laundry, throwing away a shirt if it lost a button, and burning boxed macaroni and cheese. In the microwave. (Apparently I needed to add water...) I met my now-husband, and all we cared about was having fun- we climbed mountains and went on camping trips and hung out in pjs with lots and lots of take-out. His house was much much cleaner before I moved in. I began learning to cook, and had a few specialties, but we still ate out several times a week. And then, as we were comfortable and happy in our messy-packaged food bliss, along came MacKenzie. And our world changed.
I always wanted to be the earth-mother type. Cloth-diapering, making my own baby food, nothing processed/dyed/dead/wrapped in plastic would ever enter our home. This was my dream as I sat in Starbucks with my triple shot soy latte, thinking about ten years from then when I'd maybe sorta be ready to think about having a child. Hahaha. Fat chance. I'm proud of the challenges I've taken on and conquered in my mothering, but I've had many many defeats as well. And I'm okay with that now. But I do make dinner for our family, and we use a lot of natural products, we recycle, compost, are conscientious about our carbon footprint, and have a little vegetable garden out back (more on these topics later..), and my hubby and I shower together to "save water." ::wink wink::

And Kenzi eats a lot of boxed mac and cheese. Sigh, oh well.

So that's basically it. My domestic life now revolves around a phrase my hubby and I coined- WWmJD? "What Would Mary Jane Do?" Mary Jane, hubby's step-mom, my mother-in-law, World's Best at Pretty Much Everything. A lot of my homemaking advice/tips/goals come from her (and Better Homes and Gardens) and I'm sure I'll reference them from time to time.

Check back for more posts (with a lot less words and more pics of the pumpkin-head, don't worry!)