Friday, August 3, 2012

Don't touch the lasers!

Who knew this could be so FUN?
Last night while Mr. and the baby were showering, the girl and I set up a yarn "laser" obstacle course in the laundry room outside the bathroom door.
It was originally just supposed to be a bit of a gag, but Mr. rose to the occasion and immediately started humming the tune to Mission Impossible, while twisting and contorting through the deadly yarn beams.

[A note:
I obviously didn't take the time to stage these photos before hand, hence the less than clean laundry room (but who keeps their laundry room clean?) and lack of proper clothing.  I also couldn't get my flash to work right, so instead of messing with the photos in Aperture for an hour, I just clicked them all to black and white.  There, red eyes fixed ;)]

After Daddy successfully made it through, we all jumped in to have a go....

The kids LOVED it.  They played until bedtime.  Little man would get very concerned when we "buzzed" him, saying "Oh no!  Owbie!!"


Really, it was a blast.  

Go try it!

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