Monday, July 30, 2012

Today's post is brought to you by the letter...

Now that little man has his own room, and isn't sharing with his super girly-girl sister, I thought perhaps it time to personalize his space a bit.  So far he had an owl bow hanger, a pink bunny bank, and a lovely wooden jewelry box in his room as the sole decorations.  He's only one (for a few more weeks!) and could care less what his room looks like, as long as his slide and dog-dog were somewhere nearby.  But it made me a bit sad that I had made my daughter so many things for her room, trying to make it a special place for her, yet had neglected to so much as give him some crib sheets that weren't hand-me-downs (and pink with white stars, at that).  
The fabric I bought for the "baby" quilt I will one day make for him is water-y colors, with some pops of orange interspersed.  Rather than do an ocean theme room, though, I'm leaning towards just using this peachy aqua color scheme.  (Not orange and teal, by the way.  No way would my father-in-law let that slide.)
So, rather than actually making the quilt that will inspire his room decor, I thought I'd go easy and just do some basic crafty futzing around.  

"A is for Asher!"

I love the trendy chevron prints that are so popular in home decor now, so used that as a basis for his upper-case A.  It came out pretty nicely. 
 One day MacKenzie and I tore pictures from all of her completed worksheets and glued them to a canvas.  Just a simple coat of modge-podge, followed by a watered down wash of paint finished it.  It makes a neat opportunity for i-spy.

And I've been seeing these button letters on Pinterest a lot.  No, no original ideas here :)
I'm happy with the way they turned out, and the shadowbox effect of the frames.  I got unfinished frames, thinking I'd white wash them, but when I tried them as-is I kinda liked it.  What do you think?  

They won't stay leaning on the crib like this, though. That would be unsafe.

The monogram thing must have struck a chord in me somewhere, because I gravitated to this big wooden N next time I was in the fabric store.   I'm not completely sold on the paint treatment.  I tried to make it look weathered- but not sure if it just looks "poorly made" instead.  But I love the wreath itself.

Like most who quilt, I have a gi-normous bag of fabric scraps that I hoard away for the perfect project.  This is a great use for some. I like that I can remember the projects that the scraps came from- it's like a walk down memory lane each time I look at it.  

 I'm not sure any how-to is necessary here, but just in case:  Cut your fabric into relatively even strips and then knot them, spacing out colors as appropriate, around a grapevine wreath.  Trim the edges to a roughly even length.  Complex, huh?

I preferred the more organic look of the knotted side, but with more careful arrangement, the solid fabric wrapped side of this wreath could also look pretty cute.  Neat seasonal possibilities as well.  


That's all for today, folks.  I had a bag tutorial in the works, but my computer ate the images from my memory card before they were uploaded (grumble grumble!!).  Mr. has assured me he can retrieve them.  
We shall see.

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