Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 Ok, I know.  I JUST posted.  And I promise I won't keep you long.  I have Downton Abbey to watch, afterall.
Just wanted to toss a few pictures up of the girl's first day.
She had fun.  I have a feeling she and her teacher will have a bit of a clash of personalities, though.  There have already been changes made to seating arrangements to try to "tame" MacKenzie's socializing.  The teacher said "we'll work on that..."   Ha. Good luck.

But she can't wait to go back tomorrow and loves her new friends and is just thrilled with the whole adventure.

Here are the obligatory front porch photos.  She was so kind as to allow me to dress her "just the first day", and I selfishly chose a penguin dress I had recently sewn her. It looks much cuter without the tee and leggings, but here in the frozen tundra of Monterey, it's cold even in August.
I found the fabric at Goodwill- it was an old curtain or something. I thought it was all a bit j.crew, and as my daughter is obsesssssed with penguins, totally appropos.  My sister made The Cutest Hairbow Ever to go with it, but it met an untimely end on a walk back from the aquarium the other day.  (I am devastated!)

She quickly decided her giant backpack was a hinderance to her posing.  She was moving so quickly my camera couldn't focus well, but I wanted to post this- just because soon after her brother tried so hard to pose the same way.  The cuteness!

She made a friend in the PARKING LOT!  They were very excited to find they were in the same class together.  

The first thing she did when they gathered at their tables was instruct the other kids on how to do their worksheets.  She was very specific (read: bossy), and followed up frequently on their progress.  I kinda feel like I set her poor teacher up...

She was also quick to loudly point out that her apple name was misspelled.  Sigh.  

While big sissy was at school, the boy helped me bake a cake.  A fellow blogger (and super cool mama) from Hawaii has the sweetest tradition of baking a cake on the first day of school for each of her little girls, decorating them with the appropriate grade number.  I loved looking at the pictures of the cakes through the years so much that I wanted to steal her idea.
We made a super fancy dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate icing.  All gluten and dairy free, to boot.  Why gluten and dairy free?  Dunno.  I love wheat....and everyone knows I love me some cheese.  I guess I just wanted to try something different?  Or I felt guilty shopping in Whole Foods for wheat flour and milk?  Or I just wanted to be that granola mom from Cali?
Anyway, it was DELICIOUS.  Seriously, the best chocolate cake I've had in a long time.  Fudgy and rich and really really chocolatey.  Mmmmmm.  

My cake pans were slightly different sizes.  Oops....

I initially tried melting the bunny gummies into the letter "K".  I saw something similar with hard candies....but the bunnies just turned into gooey messes.  In hindsight, that seems obvious, huh?

Her expression upon seeing her cake for the first time.  PRICELESS!!

So, it was a good day.  
I hope this loving school thing lasts!

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