Monday, December 26, 2011

New Clothes!

So I rarely sew things for my children.  In fact, they BOTH are still awaiting their baby quilts.  Kenzie's is almost done- just needing a binding, but Ash's is nothing but a few completed blocks.  I'm not sure how many baby quilts I've made in the past four years, but it's truly a sad testament to my parenting style that there are babies all around this island snuggling with their blankies, yet my kids, well, aren't.  So this year for Christmas, I was SET on making my babies some gifts.  And I did!  Here are some pics of new duds they received.  I know I'm partial, but seriously?  So cute.  

For Asher I made a pair of pants with knee pockets.  I used this fabulous tutorial: MADE Kid pants with flat front   Take some time on her site- she's got the most amazing tutorials, and her blog is beautiful.  
I was hoping these pants would turn out a bit bigger- I guess I need to work on my pattern drafting skills a bit.  I lucked out in that they at least fit him now- but there's not much room to grow. The material is a japanese cotton with linen knee pads.  It's super soft and super cool.

And MacKenzie received a wrap-around circle skirt.  I went here for some help.  I was hoping to make her a skirt in the same fabric as Ash's pants, but didn't have the length left in the fabric I had purchased.  So I used this awesome print I have been hoarding for awhile.  (I'm a baaad fabric hoarder!) It's lovely- a wonderful swing to it, and fairly adjustable.  It is the PERFECT twirling skirt. 

I love seeing my littles in their new clothes- and knowing they love wearing them as much as I loved giving them.  It feels so good to make things for people you love!
And speaking of people I love, here's my Mr. with his nattily attired youngin's.  (Can girls be nattily attired?  Hmm..)  His thermal has a little hand-painted elephant wearing shoes.  Have you ever mouthed the words "elephant shoes" to someone?  Try it :)

Elephant shoes to all of you.  Check back soon for the full Christmas present round-up.  I'll show and tell all the fun things I've made this year. 

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