Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Domesstic Family Christmas Card

Merry Christmas, friends and family!

Wishing you all the best this Christmas, and for your upcoming year to be healthy, happy, and full of the wonder of life.
It's a good time to remember those less fortunate- if you have the means, I'd like to encourage giving back, either by donating gifts (toys-for-tots, Lokahi tree (in Hawaii), and the Salvation Army are all good options), or by donating your time (caroling at a nursing home, making a sandwich or two for the homeless, offering assistance to someone to help deal with winter's 'gifts').  This site is a good resource for ideas on volunteering in your community:
It's so easy for our children to get washed away in the tide of Christmas consumerism.  Whether this day is Holy for you or not, I think we can all agree that the spirit of Christmas isn't something that can be bought from the store.

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, 
stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. 
It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. 
And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. 
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. 
What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. 
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

From our family, to yours, with Love and Aloha. 

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  1. Love the pics! Ya know, we never made it to the temple in all our years in Hawaii. We came so close as pulling in the driveway once, but for some reason decided not to go in. ?!