Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well, aren't we fancy!

Fancy a cup of tea, love?

In honor of this upcoming election season, we had our own little tea party. (giggle..) It was one of those slow afternoons when Mr. and I wanted nothing more than to nap study on the couch. And one of those slow afternoons where the two children were systematically dismantling the toy bins, and rapidly getting bored with it. We saw them eyeing the glassware and knew we had to intervene. I initially set up a plastic tea set for them inside, with water and cookies to make a good, fine mess. But then I remembered that we have a lovely Chinese (Japanese? ) tea ceremony set that, as far as I'm aware, had never actually been used. So, I set the hubs to work cleaning the grime from the cups and boiling the water and got the kids in proper tea attire. One MUST dress for tea, afterall.

Kenzie was feeling the Steampunk vibe, apparently. (BTW- I LOVE the Steampunk look. I couldn't rock it myself, but how fun would it be to wear bustles and corsets and little mini-hats?? Oh, and those tiny eyeglasses? Dahhhling.)

We didn't have any loose tea leaves, so we picked some mint from the front, and voila, now we're makin' memories.

Above you'll see Mr. 'seasoning' the teacups. This was all very authentic.
He Googled it, afterall.

And about halfway through the ceremony, we were discussing the types of mint leaves being used. Turns out I had picked sprigs of Mojito mint. Hmmm.... Mojito...


Ok, we couldn't help ourselves. It was almost 5, afterall ;) They were surprisingly tasty! And a weee bit strong.
Don't judge.

Lack of nap aside, it was a lovely afternoon- good family time with no money spent, no gas used, and no broken glassware. Even Asher had a ball! See?

Mojito Recipe, Domesstic style

Mojito mint sprigs, several (8?) leaves per tea cup sized portion
Three glug-glug-glugs of Agave nectar, total
Two to three glugs of Rum per tea cup sized portion
Lots of lime juice. Lots.

Muddle ingredients in wooden bowl.
Pour into tea cups. Feel very fancy, and increasingly tipsy.

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  1. Love the outfits! What a fantastic, spontaneous afternoon!