Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cellular respiration is not my cup of tea. Chemical reactions and by-products and energy output? Blech. Just give me a pig to cut open, please. But that's unfortunately what I'm studying now, which means I am burned out. But my dear MacKenzie kindly helped me take a study break this morning for some easy-peasy craft time. And I must say, I feel better; fresh and smarter-er.

We started with some color theory:

And continued on to luminary design:

Kenzie was actually super good about keeping the paint inside the jar, and not on her brand new pillowcase dress. In hindsight, a smock woulda been a good idea.

So simple project is as follows:
Paint inside of mason jars orange (mine were the cute faceted jelly jars, but any will do).
Paint outer rim of jars green for the stem.
Draw spooooky faces on jars. I think Kenz takes the prize for this one.
Drop in a tealight and turn out the lights.

She is such a doll.

We also made some spider-webs to munch on for brain-food. These went well with my morning coffee- nothing beats sweet and salty! (And please excuse the bad cell phone photography, which, isn't too bad considering, eh?)

It's just melted chocolate (I used a mixture of peanut butter, milk, and white) poured over broken pretzels, and allowed to harden. The fridge will help speed things up ;)

Well, that was a nice break. Back to the grind, and wish me luck tonight!!

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