Monday, May 11, 2009

wascally wabbit

Why won't my daughter sleep?!!?!?! And how many times is too many to put her back in bed? Little stinker.... And her silly little face is just Too Cute when she gets caught- I have to really train myself not to giggle.


  1. I am going through the same thing with Max, but I gave up on putting him back in bed. It became power struggle, and Max has my tenacity, so it was not a good situation. He has not taken a nap in a week, is incorrigible at dinnertime, and still wakes up at night. AAAGGGHHH! Hopefully our little angels will get with the program SOON!

  2. I think if that pretty little thing does not want to sleep she should not have to. When I see her this summer I will let her know that she is a Princess and everyone one else is just here to serve her needs and wants.

  3. So what's going on in the life of Momma B and little Kenz? No postings for months!