Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Busy Bee...

I have so many things to write about- but there is an imaginary ticking clock VERY LOUDLY counting down the seconds left in my sweet daughter's naptime- and well, I have a lot to do in this precious window. I wanted to take a moment to share some new projects with you guys, though, because, well, I'm super excited at how they turned out. It's nice to put out a little self-love every now and then, eh?
As many of you may know, I couldn't sew before Kenz was born. I had a machine- a very basic Brother- and I attempted a few projects. (I recall a pair of pajama pants in which the recipient couldn't fit his hand into the pocket). But it wasn't really my thing. And then I inherited the mother-of-all fabric collections from my grandmother, and I thought, well, now I HAVE to learn how. Luckily (?), Hubby was going to be on a rather extended trip, so I packed up the new baby (awwww) and we went down to Miami, where my MIL taught me to sew a quilt. And it's been all downhill from there ;) But until recently (very recently) I've stuck to quilts- I love the process of picking out fabrics, and the end result, but mostly I love that it is two peices of fabric sewn together in a straight line. Over and over and over again. Very much in my comfort zone.
Well, I have officially broken out of my comfort zone! I saw this tutorial: Spring Sewing ~ Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial and I had to have this top. I also had this perfect fabric. I had made a quilt with it, and had some left over to do something with, but never knew quite what, until I saw this. Kismet. Anywho, I know it's very- uh, different- but it's soo me, and it is my new favorite top that I own. Yay!!! Also, it was fun to make, so if anyone wants one (very roomy in the belly area too...) let me know and we'll chat.

Additionally, I tailored my first piece of clothing, and it turned out beautifully. I wish I had a before picture of this, but, well, I don't. I found this at the thrift store, and originally got it just for the fabric- I thought I'd cut it up and make it into- dunno, something. But then I tried it on, and the fabric felt like- well, how I imagine Edward My Dear Hubby would touch me when he was singing me to sleep. ;) It's so tissue thin and soft and divine. However, it hung like a sack. It was originally sleeveless, with the line from the shoulder going straight down to the waist- no curve- and the arm holes were about three times wider than they needed to me. So I simply pinned it where I thought it looked nice, added a cap sleeve, and cut! I wasn't too nervous, because it wasn't ever meant to be intact anyway. But somehow, it worked, and now it may be my second-favorite shirt.
Oooh, I love new clothes!!

And, finally, something for my niece Hayden. Her first birthday is coming up, so I wanted to make her something hip but girly to wear. This is based off a Hawaiian skirt called a Pa'u, used for Hula.
I made it longer than what would be right for a one-year old, because I wanted her to be able to wear it for a longer time. There are detachable straps for wearing it as a dress, but I don't have any of the snaps to put it on yet- but it's the same polka-dot fabric as the trim. As for the girly-glittery skull print- well, that's all Hayden's mama. She's punk-rock like that. I hope she likes it- I know Kenz loves modeling it- I'll have to make her one now.

Now I'm off to do some comfort-zone sewing. I have all the pieces for my BIG DEAL quilt project cut. AHHHH!!!


  1. Those shirts are completely "you." Funny story... I bought some maternity shirts from Sweet Pea's the other day and when I showed them to Mike, he said (in a very nice way), "They look like something Bethany would wear." I was like, "AWW Thanks!!!" What a compliment! ;) Hayden is going to be super cute in that dress! Love the funky fabric!

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if I see differently than everyone else- I don't understand how things can be so "me", or how, for instance, my favorite colors look like baby liquids to everyone else, lol- "It's very you", BTW, in my sister's vernacular means "wow, that's hideous." ;) Now I want to see your shirts! Sigh, I miss Sweet Peas.

  3. You make me proud.. Just love all of your sewing project. I made one skirt years ago then couldn't get the damn thing over my hips. so sewing went out the window for me. I would love an apron and a shirt! Love and miss you and wish we lived closer.

  4. Love the shirts! Wish I could sew, but I seriously think that is one thing I will never do.